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The NEW Wife-Lover PACK (Royal & Clay)

The NEW Wife-Lover PACK (Royal & Clay)

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Buy a  2-PACK and save! 

The Wife-Lover (or husband) is BACK. 

This time in a new sleek, solid, moisture-wicking moss fabric. Made with recycled poly, so you can feel better about putting on a gun show.

The Tank For Lovers, Not Fighters*...

We are so effin' excited about this tank. We put a modern and sophisticated spin on an old (and frankly outdated classic). Because real men don't beat, they LOVE their wife/husband/friends/family. ♥️💪🏼

Here's how we elevated a classic: 

The Fabric: This time around we found a great solid that elevates a simple tank. It's durable, dries fast, gets better with each wash, and holds up in the looks department inside or outside of the gym. 

The Cut: This baby highlights the traps, shoulders and chest, while tapering at the waist, but with some breathing room. The old "beaters" are often pretty clingy the waist, not giving much room to enjoy a burrito or ten. Due to the cut and weight of the fabric, it'll perform in the gym by staying in place and soaking up your metabolic juices. 

Versatility: It's a simple fact: tanks can look trashy. While you might not be able to show up to a job interview in one of these bad boys, this elevated tank look can easily be worn outside of the gym. And for you ride or dies... it looks great with all of our in-stock bottoms and bottoms to come!

Trust us, you'll want these in every color!


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