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Sleeves Sold Separately

Sleeves Sold Separately is a family-owned based right in LA. We opened our online doors in August 2019. The owners, BJ and Naomi run operations in Westlake Village (along with our two very unhelpful K9 employees, Sweetie and Kong) while the clothing is developed and manufactured in Downtown LA.

Naomi and BJ and our team member, Emily do it all: answer emails, DMs, develop, pack and ship. We don't have millions of investments. This is us building something from the ground up with our SSS family!

Due to the demand from BJ's followers and customers to create a short-short, the LungeMan was born. We currently carry a mix of in-stock items and periodical presales that allow us to create new colorways of an existing item or manufacture new products. This model is a win-win for SSS and the customer: presales give customers an opportunity to support items they want at a highly discounted rate, and we can run lean as a very small and new business.

Sleeves Sold Separately is not just clothing, it's a culture. We strive to have fun and not take ourselves so seriously. We love to see the different personalities that rock our gear and craft their own signature style. 

BJ's Story

Growing up overweight and out of shape as a cheesehead in Milwaukee, WI, it was always a nightmare finding good-looking clothes that could fit and help me hide my body from the world. Some of my worst memories as a kid are back-to-school shopping and I still suffer from Post-Traumatic Shopping Syndrome (PTSS) to this day.

Strangely enough, I became even more fashionably-challenged when I finally got into shape. The only way I could get my arms, shoulders, and chest into a top is if the shirt was baggy as hell in the middle. And to get a pair of pants or shorts over my thunder thighs, I had to go a couple waist sizes up and zip-tie my belt to keep them up. It was just fucking tragic, man!

 When you take your fitness seriously, nothing’s worse than wearing clothes that make you look like you don’t even work out! But unfortunately, most athletic, muscular men find themselves in-between sizes and out-of-luck, shamefully dwelling in fashion purgatory.

I created this company for fit men who want to show off their hard work but don’t want to sacrifice style or substance to do so. SSS provides timeless athleisure apparel that highlights the natural beauty of the male physique. 

We strive for a retro feel fused with the streamlined swag of streetwear. It’s where urban meets suburban: fitted where you want it to be and relaxed where it needs to be.

My mission is pretty simple: I’m just gonna create all of the apparel I want in my closet for every training and social situation. If it makes the cut, you have my personal guarantee it will take your GAINZ seriously and make you look like a modern man with a classic sense of style. SSS is for the sophisticated meathead who isn’t afraid of swag.