How Presales Work: 

Presales give you the opportunity to support new drops with lowered pricing. This alleviates upfront costs for us, and means you get new gear at a significant discount.
Presale items are not yet produced until after early bird presale window closes. So, this is not for someone in a rush. We give you discounted rates in exchange for being willing to wait on production.

We allow you to return/exchange presale items the way we would with any of our gear, so there's no risk to ordering!

Early Bird presale pricing will be up for 2 weeks. After that the price bumps up to later bird presale pricing. This allows us to only produce what we need and give you the best price on new product. Once items are stocked in store, they will be offered at their full price.

On average, it will take 6-7 weeks for items to be produced once the early bird presale closes (that does not always mean 6 weeks from the date you purchased, unless that date is the close of the presale). This doesn't include any unforeseen delays due to the various supply and worker shortages or manufacturing hiccups. 6 weeks is an estimate for production and does not include packing & shipping times. There is no guarantee of a shipping date. We try to send updates, but only when we have new information so as not to inundate you with emails.

As soon as we have the items they will ship to you, we promise. 

Coupons cannot be used on preorders as they are already heavily discounted.