1) Can I order outside of the US?

We ship to most countries. However, we collect your shipping cost, but duties and taxes are your responsibility and may be be required at your postal office for you to collect your order. Make sure to follow the sizing guide and don't be shy about emailing or DMing us so we can help you get your sizing right the first time.

Please note there is nothing we can do about taxes and duties and you would have to pay it somewhere along the way, but since so many of you have been asking to order internationally, this is the fastest way to give you the opportunity to do so as collecting and paying international taxes would be a big undertaking for our mom & pop business!

2) Can women wear these shorts?

We have had women buy and love our gear! However, we have to be honest in that these shorts are specifically designed and cut to flatter typically male proportions (narrow hips with wider shoulders), so please keep that in mind. The model across most of our website is our fit model. That being said our clothes use stretch fabrics designed to conform to most bodies.

3) When will the presales ship?

The prelaunch is a crowdfunding campaign. In exchange for your early support, we are selling the first batch of new styles at a discounted rate. This also means the clothing will not be manufactured until the presale closes, which can take, on average, 7 weeks. We appreciate your patience and hope the discount makes the wait a little less grueling! For more details, check out the presales page. 

Please make sure to use your email when ordering (not just your phone). We need that to email updates.

Just like typical crowdfunding campaigns that you see on Kickstarter or GoFundMe, we'll keep you posted via email and on our IG page. 

4) What is your return policy?

Check it out

5) How long does it take for in-stock items to ship?

With a very small team, we try to ship in batches 2-3 times per week (excluding weekends). Depending on when your order comes, that means your order could ship anywhere between the same day or 3 business days (typically for Friday afternoon orders).

6) Why aren't your shorts $30!

Here's the deal: huge brands and big box stores almost always cut costs by manufacturing overseas. The bulk of our costs in production are for manufacturing which we do in Downtown Los Angeles. We are a business that needs to make a profit in order to continue to stay in business. We produce limited runs of each color of LungeMan and some of our other items. As is the case with limited items, manufacturing also comes at a premium. So the math is what it is. We like knowing that we can hop in our car almost any day of the week and meet and see the people who make our clothes.

We know they are being treated well and are being paid fair wages. We like that we can infuse our dollars back into our local manufacturing economy. As a small business, we can be agile and make faster improvements over time because of our ease of access to our manufacturer. 

We want to bring quality clothes and a buildable wardrobe so you can purchase fewer, higher quality items that can go a longer way!

If you want to save, join our text or email list so you are kept aware of exclusive sales and presales, which will get you our best pricing.