Presale closes on 8/9! Don't miss your chance to get special introductory pricing! As this is a crowdfunding launch, orders will take approximately 5 weeks to ship.


For info on the shorts specifically, check out the product page, as sizing, materials, features, etc are outlined there. 


1) Can I order outside of the US?

The prelaunch is for US customers only. Think of this as a soft launch where we are working on greasing the wheels. International sales require far more logistics and we want to make sure we are running smoothly before we expand internationally. That being said, we plan on doing so in the future. 

2) Can women wear these shorts?

Of course any business wants as many people as possible to buy their products! However, we have to be honest in that these shorts are specifically designed and cut to flatter typically male proportions. We suggest trying shorts from brands that cater to women and have tested their shorts on women's bodies. 

3) When will the shorts ship?

The prelaunch is a crowdfunding campaign. In exchange for your early support, we are selling the first batch of Lungeman shorts at a discounted rate. This also means the shorts will not be manufactured until the presale closes, which can take, on average, 5 weeks. We appreciate your patience and hope the discount makes the wait a little less grueling!

Just like typical crowdfunding campaigns that you see on Kickstarter or GoFundMe, we'll keep you posted via email and on our IG page.