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The Groovy Maaan Leisure Shirt

The Groovy Maaan Leisure Shirt

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The shirt for non-boring people. 

Groovy Maaan has shades of blue, purple, and grey over a white background. It looks great with any shade of The Sprinter. 

The Leisure Shirt is anything but chill. We're bringing back the 1970s coke dealer aesthetic because who doesn't want to feel like they're on a yacht in Miami 24/7?

Button down shirts can be stiff, causing bunching at the shoulders or gaps between buttons. So we decided we wanted to make our own shirt. It drapes like a mofo, while hugging the arms. And we have many wild patterns to choose from. 

Our cool to the touch 4-way stretch fabrics will have you feeling breezy and absolutely DRIPPING with swag year round without compromising comfort. 

Pair it with our LungeMan shorts for the perfect vacation get up, or with our Sprinter for a laid back dinner. Button it up for a streamline fit or leave it open with a Wife-Lover tank for a laid-back vibe.

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