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Mic Drop Hoodie - Heathered Steel - Final Sale

Mic Drop Hoodie - Heathered Steel - Final Sale

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Hoodies are the ultimate comfort clothing, cocooning you in security and warmth when you're just chillin. At the gym, it keeps the muscles warm and the hoodie up is the universal language for "I'm working here, no I don't want to chat."

But there were always things about the classic hoodie we wanted to improve (why the hell is there a giant kangaroo pouch up front?). So we made our own. 

Here's what we did: 

It'll be whatever you want it to be, baby: A high zippered collar means you can wear it as a hoodie or funnel neck pullover. Combined with the chest zipper, you have several different styles of hoodie in one! Which leads us to...

Chest zipper: Don't you hate feeling like you're trying to go through a birth canal whenever you pull on/off a hoodie? You come out the other side with your hair looking like Kramer and feeling like you just wrestled a python. So we put in a chest zipper to make it easy to take on or off and add a little ventilation when needed. It also adds another dimension to the look if you want to show off a little man cleavage or your Wife-Lover Tank underneath. 

The Pocket: Maybe there is a historical reason as to why there is a giant sloppy pocket in the middle of many hoodies that is perfectly designed for losing things, but we don't care to learn it. We built sleek hidden zipper pockets. Inside you will find a vast world of storage and a divider in the middle because we are humans, not marsupials. 

Fabric: The fabric we use is substantial, but not heavy so it won't weigh you down. It's moisture wicking and anti-microbial. It can be worn year round in some fashion.

Fit: Along with the lean and mean fabric, the fit is designed to flatter. Relaxed yet fitted, you'll be able to layer our shirts underneath (or just wear it over a bare torso). Along with The Sprinter, you'll probably never want to wear anything else inside or outside of your home. 

As always, our clothes are manufactured right in Los Angeles!

Fabric: 87% Poly, 13% Spandex

Care: Machine or hand wash cold, tumble dry low. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Great fit , soft to touch , flexable

Ray Donovan
Mic Drop Hoodie

This hoodie is perfect. For a run, for a lift, or hitting the bar for a drink; so versatile & the material is ELITE

Jordan R
Hoodie Fresh!

Hoodie fresh, hoodie fresh, mic drop hoodie. Drip, drip, drip mic drop hoodie! This is the absolute best hoodie in the game. It works as a 3/4 half zip as well as a hoodie. I tested it out this weekend in the cold and it kept me snug and warm! Also works extremely well in warmer conditions! Don’t sleep on the mic drop!