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Drop element here!

These aren't your grandpa's sunglasses. We have been rocking their aviators for years and are excited to partner with them as our preferred sunglasses vendor.

We're located in the SoCal desert and that means lots of sun exposure. We don't leave our home without a pair of sun specs and 9/10 it's one of our many BluBlockers.

Their tech started at NASA because they needed their astronauts' eyes to be protected from harmful UV rays and blue light.

They are perfect for active lifestyles: we wear them during outdoor wokouts, hikes, even in the ocean!

And they are affordable and can take a lickin', so you won't have chest pains if you drop them.

Much like Sleeves Sold Separately, they aren't afraid to be BOLD. Their specs come in all kinds of fun colors. They don't just have aviators, but sun masks and many other retro styles. 

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