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Skull F*ck Hair, Face, and Beard Oil

Skull F*ck Hair, Face, and Beard Oil

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In our household we give each other this scalp massage/caress combo that will knock anyone out cold in 5 minutes or less. We call it a skull f*ck because we're weird like that. It's like the Vulcan nerve grip, except wildly pleasant. Even our furry family members are not excluded from its effects. 

So we thought it would be the perfect name for our hair, face, and beard oil. Its light texture and smell only enhances the effects of a good skull f*ck. But it's not just for massages. This oil can be used every day and night on your beard, face skin, or hair. It can even be used as a fragrance substitute. 

Now the smell, it's hard to describe, but it's fresh and light, yet lingering. It's like a rainy forest, but that particular forest just so happens to contain every wonderful smelling plant. So you won't smell like a pine tree, you'll just smell fresh and damned good. 

But it's not only about the smell. It's loaded with the good stuff: Tea tree oil and argan oil combat inflammation and related issues such as dandruff and ingrown hairs. It's also loaded with nourishing omega 3 oils to protect & moisturize your skin and hair. It's light and spreads easy, so a little goes a long way. 

To top it all off, you can feel good about the fact that it's made in small batches by a small business here in the USA. 

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, aloe oil, argan oil, vitamin E, tea tree oil, fragrance, essential oil, 

1 fl oz. Bottle size: 4" x 1.5"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best stuff I’ve had on my face!

I’ve tried many different lotions and oils but this stuff takes the cake! Feels great smells even better. Doesn’t stay greasy as it is absorbed into the skin

Jeff R
Legit - Buy this

Smells great and you don't need a lot, so it lasts long. This is the only product I've used that doesn't leave my forehead all shiny and greasy. Feels great too.