BOGO Return Policy

These are heavily discounted and prices are dependent on the purchased pair. As a result, the return totals have to be calculated based on several conditions:

IF SALE STATES "FINAL SALE" AT TIME OF PURCHASE THIS DOES NOT APPLY. IF ANY ITEM SAYS FINAL SALE, IT IS NOT RETURNABLE. If all that text below looks exhausting, just contact us and we can do the calculation and let you know. We just want to be transparent, but it's all pretty common sense and fair.

1) Buy 1, Get 1 X off: If you return the full priced item of the pair, the return will be calculated so that the discounted item is now full price. Any difference will be refunded. 

Example: Buy $100, get an $80 item at 50% off. 
Total is $140
Return $100 item only: The second item's price was conditional upon the first. So amount refunded: $100-80 = $20
Return discounted item only: Refund is $40 (entire amount paid for second pair)

2) Buy 1, Get 1 Free: Returning the free item alone gets $0 as it was free.

Returning the full price item alone: The return will be the (full price item) - (the full price of the "free" shorts)
Example: Buy $100, get an $80 item at 100% off. 
Total is $100
Return free item only: This item was FREE. There is no refund as the only way those shorts were free was based on a full price purchase. We can facilitate an exchange if it's a sizing issue though, so let us know!
Return full priced item: That second pair was free based on paying full price for the first. So upon return, $80 for the "free" pair will be deducted from the return for a $20 refund. 

NOTE: If multiple BOGOs are purchased in one order, shoot us an email as we can often calculate a larger refund in many cases by moving the pairings around. 

Using the automated label system will not tell you the accurate return number as it can only calculate very basic returns. You can still use it as all refunds are manually processed and if you are owed, we will refund that amount.