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A candle always sets the mood. Just turn down the lights after along day and set it aflame: you'll be ready to meditate, stretch, or make sweet love. 

You can't go hard all the time, sometimes you just gotta chill. That's why we are launching some self care products. Starting with our SUGARMAN candle. 

If Barry White's voice was a candle, this would be it. 

We're not gonna lie, we did A LOT of sniffing. In various states of consciousness. Some candles smell nice in the jar, but don't spread fragrance well when you burn them. Others smell even better when you light them up. This is one of those candles. 

Sweet and smokey, like a cigar dipped in burnt sugar, the aromas of this candle will soothe and relax. 

This soy candle is hand-poured by a small business right here in the USA. 

11 oz.

Approximate 70-hour burn time. Make sure to trim the burnt parts of the wick down to avoid smoke and maintain a consistent burn. 

We gotta say this: don't leave your lit candle unattended. It is on fire, after all. 

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