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BJ's Non-Branded Bands

BJ's Non-Branded Bands

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We have premium, generic bands. They are like all the other bands out there. Which means they are very good bands. We didn't even put a logo on them because we all know they rub off when you use them approximately one and a half times. 

So here's what we got:

Full Band Gym In A Bag: The whole bandchilada. Yellow, red, black, and purple. It's pretty much all you will ever need for a home gym setup. 

Lightweight Package: Trying to save some coins? This is a great starter pack. Ideal for most women it comes with the yellow band, which is perfect for upper body isolation movements (think pull aparts) and a red band which is great for compound movements (think shoulder presses, squats, etc). For exercises like squats, you can can stack them together as they are thin. It's not the most elegant solution, but will do if you don't want to go with a full package. 

Heavyweight Package: Using the power of the human brain, I am sure you can deduce what this package is: the black and purple bands. Ideal for most dudes, who typically have a baseline higher upper body strength, strong women, or people who already have the lighter bands and are ready to expand to higher resistance. 

Bands are known for variable resistance, and that depends on factors such as grip, position, exercise, height of user, etc. We like to just think of them as easy to hard. Nevertheless, here are the approximate resistances of the bands: 

Yellow: 7-15 lbs

Red: 15-35 lbs

Black: 25-65 lbs

Purple: 35-85 lbs

Made in China.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alan van Zandt
My Review

They are Great! Very tight! Colorful! Good workout!

Richard C
Great bands

Good quality