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The Leopard King LungeMan
The Leopard King LungeMan
The Leopard King LungeMan
The Leopard King LungeMan
The Leopard King LungeMan
The Leopard King LungeMan

The Leopard King LungeMan

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You are a MANimal and it's time that the world knew. 

Sourced from the rarest of leopards in a small village in the Himalayan Foothills (only 150  127 103 of them left!), our leopard LungeMan short will unleash the inner feline inside of you. 

Due to the rare composition of these shorts, there are some disclaimers:

- We suggest for the full effect of these shorts that you maintain intense and constant eye contact with anyone in your field of vision. If they look away, persist. 

- Do not wash the shorts, as your own personal man scent must layer atop the leopard musk for maximum attraction. 

- Warning: Social distancing will be difficult as you will be at peak sexual attraction and that will entice people to rub against you. 

- Make sure to use at least 3 forms of birth control to compensate for increased fertility. 

- You may lose friends by wearing these shorts. They will say it's because you're "making me uncomfortable," or "you need to wash those shorts," but it's pure envy. 


Shorts: 92% Poly, 8% Spandex

Lining: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Malcolm Boone

BJ, keep doing your thing. I will never own a better pair of fitness clothing. Love you brother ✊🏽

joshua a fischel

These hands down are the best workout shorts I have ever owned.

Leg day just got a whole lot better!

These shorts are totally different from any others I have tried and absolutely fantastic! The material is soft and very stretchy. I totally forget about the inner brief as it is so comfortable. The minimal waste band in ingenious. AND THE LENGTH IS PERFECT! After reading other reviews I was a bit worried but after wearing them, I can't imagine what might be so shocking about seeing my thigh. More importantly, I don't need to pull the shorts up before I start a set of squats because there is no friction between fabric and skin! Finally, the customer service is spot on as well--SSS provided an immediate response and solution to a manufacturing mishap. I cannot recommend these shorts enough. Thanks SSS!